T3 + T4 Genesis 100 tablets (30+120mcg/tab.) View larger

T3 + T4 Genesis 100 tablets (30+120mcg/tab.)


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    T3 and T4 are thyroid hormones, which are produced by it and the result of their activities are driving the need for oxygen to release heat, also affect the growth and development, increases the absorption of carbohydrates from the intestine, regulate fat metabolism and also affect protein synthesis:

    - The natural leaching of these hormones in the body is 20 to 1 (T4 to T3);

    - T4 is the inactive thyroid hormone, which is after excluding thereafter as required is transformed into T3;

    - They are used mostly in the bodybuilding diet for fast metabolism, thereby promoting fat loss;

    - It is also used to cure but with growth hormone, which reduces the production of these hormones, so it is important to supplement these hormones in the form of synthetic;

    - Their synthetic drug is a burden on the heart.

    Liothyronine-T3 - is a synthetic thyroid hormone, which can increase the metabolism of up to 4%, is stronger than T4 controlling for the effect of burning fat, it is used mostly in short cycles (4-6 weeks), often is combined with AAS, or is used in PCT:

    - its half-life = about 24 hours, the daily dose should be divided into 2 times;

    - Levothyroxine T4 - is the Horom synthetic thyroid hormone is weaker compared to T3, is used mostly in longer cycles, most often combined with growth hormone;

    - its half-life = 7 days;

    - both of these catabolic hormones act, it is important to take them with anti-catabolic substances;

    - may be combined with clenbuterol.


    May also be taken together, but it is important to start gradually taking low doses (12.5-25mcg daily), these benefits need to be gradually increased every week by 25 mcg, to a maximum of 100mcg a day and then decrease again:

    - Very important is the pyramid down at the end of the cycle of T3 and T4, as this will prevent the rebound effect, which would equal all fats are quickly returned to sleep;

    - In the case of the co T3 and T4 is important to remember that T4 is dosed at 4x larger doses than T3 (for example if you go T3 25mg a day and eat at the same time you go T4 100mg daily).

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