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The peptides are synthesized continuously in all living organisms for the regulation of physiological processes. Peptide hormones and neuropeptides regulate most processes in the human body: The peptides are involved in the process of regeneration and cell growth, the proper functioning of the immune system, body metabolism, regulation of sleep, hormone production, etc.

Peptide Hormones List

We cooperate with peptide brand BIO-PEPTIDE. We have tested their products and we can guarantee quality. Here is the list of peptides what we offer you:

-        CJC-1295

-        Follistatin 344

-        GHRP-2

-        GHRP-6

-        HGH-Fragment (176-191)

-        IGF 1 LR 3

-        MGF

-        MT2 melanotan

-        Sermorelin Acetate

-        Ipamorelin

-        Biogene (rHGH)

-        PT-141 (Bremelanotide)

Peptides Are Safe?

Background of scientific research confirms that the peptides are safe. Peptides are likely in the near future represent imaginary key to your body and optimum health because it appears to have a unique power to cause positive changes in the necessary biochemical processes in the body. Particularly worthy of mention, such changes may occur naturally in the body and completely safe for humans, unlike the drugs or anabolic steroids, peptides appear without the side and adverse effects - as all changes take place in the body in a natural form.

How Do I Know You Sell Original Peptides?

Who knows us knows that we are in the market over 10 years. Moreover, 100% guaranteed authenticity, originality and effectiveness of peptides and products manufacturer BIo Peptide Is it possible to verify every single product on the website of those producers through a unique serial number / verification code is given to each of their original and genuine products.

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