Primobolan is a synthetic steroid, thus actually a substance which tends to mimic the anabolic effects of testosterone without its androgenic effects. We're going to focus mainly injectable form (Primobolan Depot methenolone enanthate =), but you mention, and oral dosing. Injectable forms I chosen is because it is more effective than tablets (methenolone acetate) which is not a 17-alpha-alkylated and thus into the blood gets only a small amount of active substance. Furthermore enanthate form also causes poor water retention, thereby promoting the growth of the volume and strength. Primobolan depot is considered the safest steroid and it must be paid with something. In this case, two negatives. First, a high price, 100mg vial costs 250 to 350 Sk and after the second low efficiency. Compared with testosterone (e.g. Sustanon 250) causes only slight gains, but which are on the other hand a very good and lasting. So if you're expecting it to one of you for one cycle becomes an animal, please read rather in previus number of Sustanon. If, however, you stand a high quality material, increasing the definitions and additionally concerned about the side symptoms often bonded with the use of steroids Primobolan is your best candidate. Dosage of Primobolan: When used alone, during the entire cycle takes always the same dose. Habit is to gradually increase at the beginning (pyramid) or lower at the end. It is not necessary at the end of the cycle to apply the substance to support its own testosterone production, because this except using very high dose Primobolan is not affected. The injectable form: Primobolan depot is a long-acting steroid in an oil base, so that it is sufficient to apply it once a week. In clinical practice under medical supervision are administered in doses of 1200 mg / week for frequently exceeding 3 months. Elementary steroids give good results when dosed at 200 mg / week (one injection per week) whilst many sources recommended as an ideal dosage amount of 400 mg / wk (either in a single injection or divided into two injections on the 1st and 4th days of the week) Another possible procedure is to first large doses around 800-1000mg and then continue 200-400mg / week. In combination with other steroids are most commonly used dosage of 200-400mg / week, depending on the amounts of the other ingredients used. Unusual is neither dosing 700-1000mg / week, which prefer skilled spreaders dissatisfied with weaker effects Primobolan compared with harder steroids (testosterone, etc.). Tablet forms: USER is about 20-100mg daily, but there is hardcoristi who are able to give 400 mg daily. Elementary good results already at doses of 20mg per day. Primobolan Effects: At the dose of 200-400mg / week is possible in cycle 8 Week time expected in the diet and particularly good enough protein gain 4-9 kg quality muscle mass, from which a substantial portion is maintained even after the discontinuation of the composition. Since Primobolan does not cause excessive water retention in muscle, the results are not distorted as is the case of testosterone, wherein about 25% of the increments is only water in the muscles, which is precipitated after completion of the cycle. In addition, at such a dose Primobolan does not cause a decrease in the natural production of testosterone and thus following completion of avoiding the strong catabolism spôsobujúcemu further significant decreases in strength and muscle volume. Primobolan is generally regarded as the safest steroid, either in injectable or oral form. There is no 17-alpha alkylated and thus does not present a risk to the liver. Since not aromatized to estrogen, there is no need to worry gynecomastia, or deposition of fat on the legs and sides. It is almost pure anabolic with only very weak androgenic treatment. For this reason it is popular even among women - female bodybuilders. This means in fact that its use carries with low risk of virilization, thus, the throughput of masculine characteristics such as voice deeper, alopecia and the like. Primobolan does not cause increased blood pressure and does not affect blood lipid levels. Among the possible negative effects include increased hair growth, and acne in susceptible individuals and greatly increase sexual activity in women.

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